Review: Nursing-Friendly French Jilbab

I have been stalking websites that sell French jilbabs ever since the blogger OldSchoolHijabi began writing about them. When she posted about Tasnim Collections I was excited. The site was simple, in English and the jilbabs were more affordable. I bought two, a navy and dark purple. Though shipping was a bit delayed (which customer service did notify me of), I was so happy to receive my package from Morocco one afternoon. I was travelling that day so I decided to throw it on and give it a try. The fabric immediately felt light and I love the drape. As a mom of four kids under the age of 6, I appreciated the long khimar which included a headcovering that tied behind the head and sleeves.   It’s an all-in-one outfit! The jilbab was not see through and the elasticized cuffs made it easy to do wudu. I wish this style of dress was more accessible in the U.S. because it really felt like the ideal, modest dress. The best part of this jilbab was the chest zipper. It allowed me to wear my 5 month old daughter in a front carrier and breastfeed with ease. I wore a blue jean jacket over it just because I like layers and it helped to “guard” her while nursing in public. Plus she was in the carrier which left me hands-free to juggle my other three tots! It came with a matching gathered skirt with an elasticized waist.   This was super comfortable while driving over 100 miles. When I arrived to my destination I didn’t want to take it off. In fact, I wore it each day because it was so quick to put on for prayer and errands.   Plus, if my daughter tugged on it or sat on my lap it didn’t come off. My only cons are that I wish I bought a longer skirt, the shipping could be quicker and as a slim person less fabric on the khimar would be nice. But overall I adore it and will use it for years inshAllah.

I think each nursing mom should have one of these. With Ramadan approaching, this would be something nice to wear to late night tarawih prayers or gatherings. InshAllah, I will be doing a Ramadan Prep Class for Breastfeeding Mothers which will discuss ways to improve fasting, maintain milk supply and save energy. Be on the lookout for my post Sisters.

By the way, I was not paid or received any incentives for this review. I purchased the items with my own money. The opinions are my own.IMAG0096_1_1


Article: The Importance of Breastfeeding the Muslim Child

The Importance of Breastfeeding the Muslim Child

This is a great article which basically encompasses a lot of issues I would like to discuss on this blog.  It’s a good read for anyone who is considering breastfeeding or who would like to understand more about why it is important for Muslims to breastfeed.

Forgotten Sunnah Tahneek Helps to Initiate Breastfeeding

Tahneek is the practice of rubbing a piece of softened date on the roof of the mouth of a newborn. The Prophet (saws) performed tahneek on many of the children of his companions, “as is narrated about the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) that when a child was born and brought to him soon afterward, he would moisten a small piece of a date with his mouth and then place it on the palate of the newborn”[Bukhari, Muslim and].  In these modern times, tahneek is often forgotten when introducing a new Muslim child into the world. However, the Ummah should revive this practice which has many benefits spiritually and physically. In addition to the virtue and pleasure of performing a sunnah for the family, tahneek encourages a newborn as he is introduced to breastfeeding. The sweetness of the date has a soothing effect which can help to calm a crying baby before a feeding. Alternatively, the sweetness can stimulate a very sleepy baby who is hard to wake. As the finger of the one performing the tahneek is brought to the infant’s mouth, the rooting and suckling reflexes will be stimulated. The baby will lick and suck the bit of date, increasing blood flow to the mouth and exercising the muscles. He will be using all these skills when he breastfeeds. So, this gives the baby a little practice before he is brought to mother’s breast for a feeding. Tahneek also helps baby to stay awake because the sugar of the date will help to replenish energy which is quickly loss after birth. With the blessing of Allah (swt) and the help of tahneek, the baby will be ready to breastfeed.

Video: Breastfeeding is Sunnah

This is an excellent video about the importance of breastfeeding in Islam and also provides practical advice on how to successfully breastfeed. It was shot at the Malaysian Twins of Faith Conference held in December 2011. The speaker, Sister Rita Rahayu Omar, is a well known International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and founder of Mom’s Little Ones.