Motherwear’s Essential Breastfeeding Guide

This is a great resource for pregnant and new mothers.  It provides a comprehensive overview of practically all breastfeeding topics.  Download the pdf for a ready reference for nursing questions and information.

Download PDF


Free Pregnancy E-Book for Muslimahs

This great resource is the first e-book release by Mum Loves Me, an online community dedicated to supporting Muslimahs throughout motherhood.  Mash’ Allah, I wish I had this book a few months ago when I was pregnant.  It has very useful information about common discomforts like varicose veins, backache, carpal tunnel and insomnia and suggests ways to alleviate them.  If you are pregnant or know a sister who is, please follow the link to download a free copy.  May Allah (swt) reward these sisters for their efforts to help women in the difficult stage of pregnancy.

Seven Discomforts of Pregnancy: Soothing Solutions