Tutorial: How to Make a Khimar from a Bedsheet

Khimars are provide great coverage for breastfeeding mothers, it is a hijab and nursing cover all in one!  Save money by making your own, it is super easy!

So, I was at the thrift store and I saw this bedsheet.  Immediately, I knew this color and fabric would be perfect for a khimar.  So, I found these instructions online and adapted them to make a khimar with an attached headband that ties in the back.  Please forgive my poor quality pictures, I was 9 months pregnant and had to two toddlers “helping” me when I took these pictures.  FYI, I’m only a beginner sewer so if you prefer to do things a better way, feel free.



sewing machine (it can be handsewn as well)


yardstick or ruler

fabric pen or marker

Start off by cutting off the widest seam on the bedsheet.  Set this to the side  for later.

Next, Fold the sheet in half along the width with the right sides together and anchor it with some fabric weights (I used cans).  Starting at the fold and 40 inches from the open edge (or however long you would like the back to be), draw a straight line that is about 18 inches long.  As you can see, the yardstick is parallel to the open edge.  Then, draw a straight line about the same length, starting at the far right side 40 inches down from the fold. I put red lines on the image to show you how this should look.  These straight lines are made to ensure that the front and back have the same shape.

Next, draw a curved line connecting the two lines (yes, free hand!).  And cut along your one big line.  It should look something like this.

Now take that long strip of fabric we cut earlier from the widest seam.  Fold it in half and with the raw edge closest to the open edge, slip it over this end of the sheet.  Make sure the sides stay even (this will be the headband).  Pin it in place on both sides (do not pin it shut).  Make a small mark on both sides along the pins 6 inches down from the top peak.

Open the khimar and sew from one “six inch” mark to the next, attaching the headband to the khimar (be careful not to sew the khimar shut).  This is the portion that will be on the forehead (about 12 inches in length).  The loose ends will be the ties.  After sewing, you can goto the mirror and “try on” the khimar by tying it behind your head and pull the sides to the front.  Use a safety pin to mark how far you want the khimar to be sewn up under your chin.  No one likes a choking khimar.  If you don’t want to bother with trying it on, just turn the khimar inside out and sew it shut (leave a face opening), starting from the bottom.

I realized I got a better fit by making my line 3 inches from the edge.  Then I sewed it up to the safety pin.  If you need better guidance, turn your khimar inside out, draw a  line along where you want your seam and pin it shut.  Then, sew from the bottom up, removing the pins as you go.

Lastly, hem the bottom of the khimar.  I didn’t bother with pinning, I just turned it up about inch and sewed.

Depending on the size of your sheet, your ties may be too long.  Cut them to your preference, I like mine long so I can tie it easily behind my head.  You can sew the ties shut on end or leave them raw (I left mine raw because this is just a house khimar.  Plus they don’t show because I tie mine under the khimar).

That’s it!  You are done.

* Please do not copy or duplicate this post.  Provide a link if you would like to share.


2 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to Make a Khimar from a Bedsheet

  1. Salaamu Alaykom, Jazzak Allah Khayr sister! I’m going to try this I was trying to find these hijabs as I have one from hijabgirl but they don’t have the ones I want.. What do you think about using the Jersey Cotton sheets for this project?

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