Interview with Momprenuer Yasmin Begum of Nursing Muslimah

  1. What inspired you to start your business? I quit my job when I was 5 months pregnant with my first son. Since then, I have been a stay-at-home mum for about 4 yrs plus. The daily routine of taking care of the kids and the house and the lack of adult interaction finally got to me and I seeked for something which would give me some sense of self.  I toyed with the idea of starting my own business for quite a while but I was not convinced of the business propositions and ideas that came my way. Then “Nursing Muslimah” came along and we have not looked back since. 
  2. Briefly describe your business.

    Nursing Muslimah” is a registered company specializing in a range of nursing wear, including traditional wear such as Nursing Jilbabs and Kurtis. Our range is international – we carry well-known and popular brands such as Adrinis, Fabulous Mom, Milk Nursingwear, La Leche League and Uber Moms as well exclusive items from our own “Nursing Muslimah” label. All our nursing and maternity tops and dresses are ¾ or long-sleeved and they cover well below the knee. Due to requests, we offer modest short sleeved tops as well. 

  3. What has been your biggest success?  The acceptance of our products and our loyal membership. We are blessed with a low “unlike” rate from the time we started till now. 
  4. Where do you get inspiration for your products?  We put in effort sourcing around for good suppliers as well as working on our existing tops and dresses. We also read up on fashion magazines and women magazines for ideas.
  5. What do you think are must-haves for breastfeeding mothers?  Good Nursing Bras, Nursing wear and a nursing cover. These would give a new mom the confidence to feed on the go. A good breast pump is also recommended to help the milk production but nothing is better than direct latching 🙂
  6. What is your secret to balancing family and business?  I wish I knew if there is such a secret 😀 I do my best and I have a good business partner (Wahida) who supports me well. We have supportive husbands and we try our best to excel in our roles as wives, mothers and mumpreneurs.  Wahida and myself take over fully on some days so that the other could have a break from the store. 
  7. What do you love about being a mom and a momprenuer?  Being a Mumpreneur, I love the flexible timings the most. Although we could end up working the whole day, it is purely at our own time and we are answerable to only ourselves. Being a mom, I love everything about it! Especially, being adored by my 2 boys. 
  8. What is typical day like for you?  Currently, I am doing a part time project. So, my hubby and I would drop off the kids in school and go off to our work places. I would come back home earlier and do some household chores or check on the store. Then I go off to pick up the kids and housework continues once they are back till they are asleep. My PC and laptop would be on during the times I am at home to check on the store. While out, I work using my smartphone and address as much customers as I could. Intense “Nursing Muslimah” work would commence once the kids are asleep or hubby takes over. At other times, I run errands once the kids are in school. Well, typically a day similar to any stay-at-home mum, I guess! 🙂
  9. How do you recharge?  I love to watch movies and going for a good meal. If time and situation allows, nothing recharges me like going on an overseas trip! 
  10. Do you ship international?  Yes, we do.
  11. How does ordering work on your website?  Currently, we work by liaising via email from our facebook shop. We have ready stocks as well items for pre-order. We work closely with our customers through email and we have regular updates on our wall. Customers could email us their preferred items or inquiries at
  12. What is next for Nursing Muslimah?  We are currently working on our e-commerce store. We are working on a comprehensive online store which would be accessible to all and not only FB users. Insha Allah, that should be completed in the coming months and ordering would be much easier and seamless. 
  13. Please give us your best advice for breastfeeding mothers.  It is not easy and at times it could be demoralizing and depressing. The Almighty knows your efforts and what you are going through. Just give what you have, for a single drop is still better than nothing. Make lots of prayers and supplications and insha allah, the journey would  be smooth and rewarding. 

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