Making Your Own Nursing Bra or Tank is Easy

It can be challenging and expensive to find the right nursing bra.  Making your own is easy, cheap and more comfortable.  If you have basic sewing skills, you can do this!  I’m itching to do some sewing and will let you all know how mine turn out:)

Quietude– Tutorial to convert regular bra to nursing bra with front clasps.

Geeky Sweetheart– Easy PDF tutorial for nighttime nursing tank top with velcro closures.

All Twisted Up– Refashion a sports bra to a nursing bra (my favorite!).

Leafy Tree Spot– How to make a comfortable, nursing sleep bra with free pattern.

MommyMileStones– Video tutorial showing how to convert a regular bra to a nursing bra.

Jensen Jaunts– Nursing cami that attaches to any nursing bra making it a nursing tank. 

Blessed Designs– Sewing pattern for easy crossover nursing bra, tank and nightgown.


2 thoughts on “Making Your Own Nursing Bra or Tank is Easy

  1. Thank you for these links! I’ve been nursing for 4.5 years now, and can’t believe it took me til about 2 days ago to think of making my own stuff!

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