BPA Banned in Bottles and Sippy Cups

Years ago, I learned about bisphenol-A as a nursing student and was shocked to find out that 90% of Americans have traces of it in their urine, mainly as a result of food and beverage packaging. On Tuesday, the Federal Food and Drug administration announced that BPA can no longer be used to make sippy cups and baby bottles. This controversial chemical which is used to make polycarbonate plastic, makes products clear and shatter-proof, which is why it is ideal for manufacturing children’s drinking containers. Parents became aware of this chemical when it was discovered that it leached out of bottles and into the milk, especially when heated. This was alarming news, as research studies continually show that the chemical acts like a hormone and triggers a host of unhealthy effects such as cancer, obesity, heart arrhythmias, developmental delays and reproductive problems. This issue reveals the dynamic of the hidden risks involved with formula and bottle-feeding. Companies generally do not have the consumers best interest in mind, and we may be unknowingly exposing our children to things that are detrimental to their health. If one is capable, it is best to breastfeed because it is perfectly designed for feeding babies and it protects the mother and child from dangers in the external environment. Once again, the divine wisdom of Allah (swt) prevails. Help Spread the Barakah of Breastfeeding by sharing this with someone.

*Please be aware that it is still permissible and considered safe by the FDA to use BPA in toys, food containers and drinking bottles. The FDA is considering a petition to ban BPA from formula containers.

Medela Products have always been 100% bpa-free


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