Make Your Own Nursing Pads

Nursing pads are a necessity for most breastfeeding mothers.  However, using disposable ones can become expensive, uncomfortable and unreliable over time.  If you have basic sewing skills you can make reusable nursing pads that work just right for you!  Plus, you can make them with cute prints/colors.  In general, no pattern is needed, the tutorial will instruct you to trace a cup (or CD) or to make your own paper template.  This is a great project to do before baby arrives, and would also be a great “homemade” baby shower gift.   Here are some great tutorials I found online:

Vibrant-Designs – This blogger shows you how to whip out 30 nursing pads, enough for a week (or two).

Kindred Spirit Mommy– This tutorial is quick and easy.

Craitlyn– Contoured nursing pads made with fleece and flannel.

Crafterella- Contoured pads with just flannel.

Penniless Parenting– Save money and time by using old cloth diapers.

Hipster Hostess– Pads made with vinyl backing for extra leak-proof  protection.

DIY Maternity– Easy tutorial with a free pattern for those who don’t trust their cup tracing skills.

Broken Fortress– These  look supersoft and are more boutique style.  Since they are thinner, they are best for moms who have breastfed at least a few weeks.

KCK– Free PDF which includes a pattern.


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