16 Tips for Fasting & Pumping During Ramadan

Tips for Pumping During Ramadan

  • Make dua, breastfeeding, pumping and fasting can be challenging.
  • Be consistent. This will help to maintain your milk supply.
  • Make a routine for pumping at work or home. Set the time, place, chair, etc. Prepare your equipment the same way each day.
  • Let your boss know that it is Ramadan. Provide them with a resource such as The Working Muslim in Ramadan Guide for Employers.
  • Pump at night or in the early morning. Pumping between iftar and suhoor will ensure you get good output.
  • If you pump during the day and notice a dip in your supply, set aside time to pump after you have regained your energy from eating and drinking.
  • Nurse on demand when you are with your child.
  • Avoid skipping nursing or pumping sessions, even if your supply looks like it’s lowering.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Take a supplement to increase your milk supply such as fenugreek.
  • Use a double pump instead of a single. Double pumping yields more milk.
  • Re-hydrate overnight. Make sure you are drinking enough fluids when you are not fasting.
  • Avoid overeating. Eat a well-balanced diet with many fruits and vegetables.
  • Keep a few things that remind you of your child in your bag such as photos, a shirt, toy or recording of them. This will help you relax and encourage let-down while you are pumping.
  • Prepare and pack your supplies (storage bags, breast pads, clean bottles, cool packs etc.) at night or before suhoor.
  • Invest in a bustier so you can be hands-free while pumping.

One thought on “16 Tips for Fasting & Pumping During Ramadan

  1. Assalamu alaikkum siser.. Does a non-worling mom who has sufficient milk supply during RAmadhan need to pump and save breast milk prior RAmadhan?if so what is the benefit sis?

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