A Day in the Life of a Modern-Day Wet-Nurse in Morrocco

Many people consider wet-nursing to be old-fashioned. However, there are women who fulfill this special role in modern-day society which, is mentioned as an alternative to the mother breastfeeding in verse 233 of Surah Al-Baqarah.  In addition to the obvious nutritional benefits, wet nursing has many social benefits, giving women the “best of both worlds”.  Watch the following video to see how Sara, who makes a living wet-nursing, makes life easier for working mothers and  helps a woman who is unable to breastfeed.

Video: Modern Day Wet-Nurse


One thought on “A Day in the Life of a Modern-Day Wet-Nurse in Morrocco

  1. Salaam I just came across this article. One thing I am very confused about is.why didn’t women breastfeed their own babies. It seemed to be the default in those days of richer women, I went through a lot of difficulty breastfeeding but carried on hoping for reward but I am wondering I wouldve had a lot less stress and my baby better milk had we got a healthier woman to do it. It just makes me wonder that we might aswel send our babies to nannies to look after them. I know theyd do a better than me so is it bad to look after your own baby if you know someone else could do better.Is paradise still under the mothers feet if someone else does the hard work? I just find it abit strange than on one hand were told you look after our kids full time but on the other wetnurses seemed to be very much the preferred option rather than the last. I must be missing something. Does the wetnurse get all the reward? So confused about this, I know you are not a scholar but just wanting an opinion so I can make a better decision. Next time. I’m sorry for the rant but I feel my milk was so rubbish for my baby and wonder if I’ll get punished for not getting a better woman to do it though I know my intention was to please Allah but I feel I put my child at a disadvantage aswell as myself.

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