Pre-Ramadan Tip for Nursing Moms: Buy a Galactagogue

A Galactagogue is a substance that increases milk supply. Giving yourself a boost before Ramadan will help prevent low milk supply as you transition to different eating patterns and fasting. Also if you decide to start pumping before Ramadan, it will help maintain your present supply. The most popular galactagogue is a herb called Fenugreek, and can be taken as a liquid extract, dried powder capsule or in tea form. It is a great supplement because its safe and has a long history of use without serious side effects. Not only is Fenugreek super at increasing milk, it can also be gargled for a sore throat, used to stimulate appetite and aids in digestion. Also, all my breastfeeding moms will be happy to know that its seeds can be steeped, mashed and applied to the breasts to relieve mastitis and engorgement!

It is most affordable and accessible at Arab and Indian grocery stores because it is commonly used as spice in curry dishes. It can also easily be found as a supplement at health food stores but will be significantly more expensive. I highly recommend buying Motherlove’s Alcohol-Free More Milk Plus Formula because it is convenient and is easy to take in drop form as an extract. My second best recommendation (and most economical) is to buy the seeds, steep a few teaspoons in a pot of hot water and fill a pitcher to be kept in the refrigerator. Drink a cup 3-4 times day. Milk supply will significantly increase within 24-72 hours and use of the supplement can be discontinued once the supply increases.  By the way, if you are allergic to chickpeas or peanuts, do not take Fenugreek.  For more information, check out Kelly Mom’s Guide to Using Fenugreek


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