Why I Created this Blog

Suckled Sunnah was created to increase awareness of the moral and religious obligations of breastfeeding. Islam has promoted breastfeeding for over 1400 years, while modern medicine has only recently recognized the benefits of breastfeeding. However, there has been a general decline in breastfeeding among Muslims due to the inflence of western and industrialized culture. As societies have gradually changed, the norm of nursing a child has been repressed by multi nationals who promote formula and bottlefeeding as the best provision for infants. As a result, many Muslimahs relinquish their childs right to breastmilk and voluntarily decline the many advantages of breastfeeding. This is an epidemic in our Ummah that should be addressed more in our communities. As a mother of two children, whom I proudly breasfted, this is an issue that is dear to my heart. This blog will be my humble attempt to “make the change I wish to see in the world.”

Alhamdulilah, with the surge of converts worldwide, thousands of babies are being born into Islamic families. For the Muslim, there is abundant barakah in each drop of breastmilk and it is my goal to have more families take this opportunity to gain the pleasure of Allah, subhana wa ta’ala while providing their child with the best provision from birth.

Suckled Sunnah will be an online resource to educate and support Muslims worldwide. The information will be primarily based on Quran, Hadith, scholarly works and evidenced-based medicine.

In addition to the islamic relevance of breastfeeding, the posts will cover the following topics: the basics of breastfeeding, natural family planning, breastfeeding issues, common myths, legislation, pumping,weaning and product reviews.

The blog will feature fatwas, articles,exclusive interviews, photos, community resource page, and videos.  Please Follow My Blog by Email and Help Spread the Barakah of Breastfeeding!


9 thoughts on “Why I Created this Blog

    • Yes, I have heard this one, and having Hayaa/modesty is important in our religion. But these sisters may not be aware of the tremendous benefits spiritually and physically of breastfeeding. They far outweigh being “modest” for their husbands, which I’m sure is controversial because it is a woman’s Islamic right to breastfeed and her husband cannot keep them from doing it if she wills. Also, breastfeeding is not considered sexually inviting behavior in Islamic, state, or federal law. In fact, in other countries its normal to see fully covered Muslim women breastfeeding in public. Last note, who says breastfeeding can’t be modest?! There are options these days, checkout my latest post . May Allah make it easy for us all.

  1. I’m so glad to see your blog. Soooo many people don’t understand the reward and benefits of breastfeeding. The reward from Allah for each and every drop you nourish your baby with, the health benefits for your baby, and the benefits it has for your post baby body (which was always one of my favorites about breastfeeding lol). I hope more moms choose this option in the future. Assalamu alaykum sis.

    • Wa Alaikum Salam sister, thank for your comment. I agree, the reward for breastfeeding is tremendous, as compared to merely formula or bottle feeding, if only more sisters knew! Please share with other sister who could benefit from this blog.

  2. I most definitely asked myself the question once about the whole breastfeeding deal and how it fits in our religion! I am glad someone made a blog about this mashallah, I am not a mother yet nor am I married but this is very informative nonetheless and quite valuable knowledge indeed.

  3. I recently read about a policewoman in China who nursed orphan babies right after the big earthquake. She was hailed a hero by some and chastised by others highlighting their society’s diverse feelings on the topic. And then the devastating scandal on contaminated infant formula does nothing to ease parents’ concerns about how to safely feed their infants if the mother does have to supplement their breast milk with formula. It is definitely a vital discussion to keep having! Great idea for a blog.

    Check out this link to read some more thoughts: http://blogs.reuters.com/global/2008/10/01/china-baby-milk-scandal-highlights-decline-in-breastfeeding/

  4. Asalaam alaikoem,

    I’m glad that I found out this page, I’m breastfeeding my baby for almost one year now. I hope I can learn al lot from your page.

    Thank you.

    M3a salaam,

  5. Subhanallah. I didn’t know the opposite was becoming more and more common among Muslims too. This is ridiculous. May Allah help us.
    How can anyone take away the rizq that Allah sent (literally) with the child? How selfish.
    May Allah make it easy for all mothers and protect us from negative influence.

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